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Become a part of world’s biggest club just like Marianne Vos, Rebecca Charlton, Juliet Elliot, Loren Rowney and many other Sheroes!

Let’s take over the world and change cycling’s view of women on bikes.

Be a part of the growing movement of like minded women who share the passion of all things cycling. Alongside professional riders like Marianne Vos and everyday enthusiasts alike, become a Shero rider and get connected with women on two wheels all around the world.

What is Strongher?

In October 2015, Marianne Vos, Manon Carpenter, Lucinda Brand and other ambassadors of women’s cycling launched Strongher with the vision to encourage more women to ride bikes, develop a women’s cycling community and reveal the character of the sport. Since it’s inception, Strongher has grown rapidly and many more women are joining in support.

Strongher Become a Shero Launch

Our Dream

At Strongher we dream of hosting the world’s biggest club of female riders, aiming to help women of all ages, abilities and disciplines to feel enabled to take part in this incredible discipline and pedal proud. With this movement, Strongher is able to talk to organisations like the ASO and AGR to create races such as the Amstel Gold Race. This in turn provides global visibility, which inspires women and enables them to get closer into the minds of the professionals who are happy to share their experiences and advice.

Strongher Marit Huisman

We passionately want to make a mark, bridging the gap between genders. Share your support and spread the word by using our hashtags #Stronger and #Shero. By connecting with our club, you can also buy a bracelet to highlight your involvement. You’ll receive two of them – one to wear and one to share (if you want). There’s no need to purchase if you don’t wish to, you can also simply leave your email address and be a part of this growing team of Strongher women.

How to take part

Step 1 - Become a #Shero
Share with us your email address, name and country of residence. From there, you’ll then receive:

  • Our Strongher updates
  • Chance to win tickets for many events
  • First entree to our events
  • Discount code for some of our products

Want to buy a bracelet?

Step 2: Become a #Shero+
Purchase our bracelet package for €9.95* and you’ll receive:

  • 2 bracelets – one to wear and one to share
  • Receive our Strongher updates
  • Chance to win tickets for many events
  • First entree to our events (*)
  • Discount code for some of our products
  • Discount code for a Shero+ package to give away to a friend

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