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'The day before'

10 Jun 2017 By: Anne van Leeuwen 0 comments
'The day before'

11 months ago the idea came up...and in no time it is there; the day before the kick off of The Ride!

The 21st of May we did the second 'women-only-ride' around Amsterdam. A nice group of 12 women started with a muffin at 'De Bakkerswinkel', we did about 60 windy kilometers until we had a nice pancakebreak. In our way back to Amsterdam there was a small unpredicted sprint to Marken (sorry again for the girls who didn't really appreciate it..), and last but not least on that day; coffee at rapha after a total of 117km. From this day, at least the ladies were well prepared for The Ride!

And now we're here, in Italy. The Stelvio is staring at us, like a lion that wants to attack you. And we? We are staring back. With the nervous feeling you have in your stomach when you have to do something excited that you can't avoid. Like an interview for a new job, like a meeting with your new parents-in-law. We all want to reach the Cauberg in the end. And in this case, we have to deal with the Stelvio first, we can't avoid it.

No choice, so let's try to look at the bright side. It is 32 degrees Celsius at the campsite, on the top it will be nice and cool. A good reason to climb, isn't it? There will be fantastic views, a great atmosphere, a wonderful descent and a satisfied feeling after we've dealed with this giant. We go for it!

Talk to you later..

Brenda and Anne

Team Strongher - The Ride 2017

About Anne van Leeuwen

Started cycling 5 years ago and straight away addicted to the relaxing feeling that cycling gives her. Anne (aka Docter An) puts in many miles every year. She loves to go for long rides with friends. Upcoming year her biggest challenge will be the Ride. Riding from the Stelvio to the Cauberg in 8 days, 1300km and 17000 elevation meters.

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