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The Ride Dolomites IV – Italy here we come!

10 Sep 2018 By: Maan Klomp 0 comments
The Ride Dolomites IV – Italy here we come!

Only 5 more days and then we are off to Levico – Italy. The Ride Dolomites is getting really close now.

Many people are asking me if I am fit again after having broken my ribs in April. I am getting a bit tired of saying that I am not really fit and still recovering. To be quite honest, it has been so frustrating that every ride, every climb, every training etc. takes so much effort. I want to shout: ”please, just one time, let me feel what it was like when I was in top shape before the accident”!! But, girl it ain’t gonne happen this year…….

So I decided that my goal for the Ride Dolomites is gonne be a little different then what I initially planned. I have decided not to push it too hard, enjoy riding with the girls, pretending that I am on a relaxing holiday and enjoying nature. Don’t laugh now, I am really gonne do this. But……., yes but! If I am doing fine on the climbs, and can begin to enjoy this again, I might just push it a little bit, but just for the fun of it!

We will see how it goes. At least I am beginning to look forward to this adventure of 750km and 17.500 Alt. in 6 days time.

I might have given you the idea that the preparations were only a big struggle, but that is not completely true. We did some great rides both in the Netherlands and Corsica. We celebrated the 20th anniversary of Vrouwenwielrennen NL (women’s cycling) and made a 3-day tour along all cities in the Netherlands where there are women’s training groups. And there were the awesome rides with friends during the weekend and recently 2 weeks at the beautiful Island of Corsica.

So plenty of kilometres done and dusted and enough altitude metres conquered. This is it!

And today was the first time that I felt a bit stronger again.  I went with the guys for a 110km ride and could keep up with them. So this gives me enough confidence to think that I will make it and might even enjoy it to the max.

Nienke and I will keep you posted on our Dolomites adventure on Instagram #strongher. I hope this will inspire more girls to get out of their comfortzone, keep faith in what you can achieve and of course get out your bike and Ride!

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