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The Ride Dolomites III

06 Jun 2018 By: Maan Klomp 0 comments
The Ride Dolomites III

After a slow and laborious start at the beginning of this year I was finally getting back in shape again. Still some progress to gain, but motivated to do some proper training during the coming months.

At the beginning of April we took off to Mallorca for a 5-day roundtrip. Travelling light, with only the main essentials in our saddle bags and small bag at the handlebars. It was a superb trip, it is so much fun to be on the move. Riding, eating, chatting and sleeping for 5 days. The simple and good life.
The hills still took a lot of effort and I often had the feeling that someone was pulling at my saddle bag, but what fun we had!

The day after we had come home I decided to join the race in Brakel, organised by Vrouwenwielrennen (women’s cycling). The idea was that I would join the B-group and do some coaching during the race. There were 50 girls who had little or none experience in racing. We had to do 6 laps of 8km. The peloton was a bit wobbly and we tried to break the peloton by escaping a few times. But we kept riding in 1 big group. In the 4th round I was thinking of quitting because I did not feel safe in this big group riding fast on narrow roads. But I didn’t. So in the 5th round a few girls managed to escape and the peloton started speeding to catch them. It was hectic and chaotic. And then there was one steering error and a bunch of girls crashed like domino stones and I was one of them.
The result: 5 broken ribs and a collapsed longue. Two days IC and another 5 days before I could go home again.
The verdict of the doctor was; 6 weeks no sports at all! But I survived, took up walking, rode many kilometres on my city E-bike and then finally after 6 weeks on my mountainbike. Still a bit scared of falling, but hey I was on the bike again. Gosh, how I had missed that. And now, 7 weeks later I have already done 3 rides on my roadbike. Nothing in the world gives me the feeling freedom and joy than riding my bike again.

No stamina, as slow as a snail, still a bit afraid of crashing, but as happy as a pig. There are still a few more months to go before the Ride Dolomites starts, so plenty of time to get back in shape again.
There has been one good thing about this crash; I am now more motivated to go riding than ever!!
So let’s get outside and Ride.

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