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London Women's Racing - LWR

18 Mar 2016 By: Guest Blogger 0 comments
London Women's Racing - LWR

Fancy pinning on a number? Try a training day!
In what other sport could you attend a training event with 100 women, at whatever level you are at, mix with true professionals and receive some of the best coaching tips around?

London Women's racing - LRW
The team behind London Women’s Racing are all about getting you to pin a number on through their multi-discipline training sessions and racing leagues. The beauty of racing is you’re guaranteed to find a discipline to suit you, whether it’s a lung busting time trial or mentally engaging in the tactics of a road race, but in racing there’s more to it than just handing over your money and getting on your bike, and this is where the LWR team come in.

Strongher Beth Bryn Hodge LWR Action group
Photo by Dave Hayward

The inaugural LWR event was a race training day 
A perfect platform to showcase the LWR message and bring together the community of female racers across London. Within days of opening, it was sold out. Entries were increased to meet the demand, which was unprecedented. Huw Williams, British Cycling level 3 coach working with LWR was overwhelmed by the response.

As women’s cycling comes on in leaps and bounds 
Huw credits this to the successes of super athletes and amazing role models like Laura Trott and Lizzie Armistead, driving an appetite among female cyclists to roll up to start lines all over the UK, ‘this takes a degree of bravery in itself’. The race scene can be an intimidating place, and this is acknowledged by the team at LWR. Attending race training sessions is a must for the beginner but also become useful for those with races under their belt to check in with their technique. Racing in a bunch at speed around corners takes skill, tactics and knowledge as well as being physically fit enough to keep up, and chase down breaks. Being taught how to read a race opens up a whole new dimension to the untrained eye. ‘It’s a big surprise to people, the art of riding together and how intense the racing can be.’ Huw’s goal: working together. ‘Positioning in the bunch, what to concentrate on, where to look and importantly how to work with one another.’

          Strongher LWR Peloton
Photo by Dave Hayward

The LWR training day kicked off with a pep talk from Huw 
Followed by three hours of on circuit training by coaches and the experts on hand during the day, then finished with a classroom session. Isla Rush, Matrix Pro Cycling; Jen George and Laura Cameron from Drops Cycling Team; and members of the Les Filles RT were impressed how quickly drills were grasped and confidence soared. They also happily divulged their trade secrets on how to become a ‘racer’!

Laura Cameron from Drops RT agreed that taking part in the training days creates a safer racing environment, giving riders a chance to feel what race conditions are like without the pressure, then applying those skills in a race.

Adeline Moreau a session attendee who races for 5th Floor CC, explained how training sessions help ‘de-mystify’ the racing scene—which for the uninitiated can be pretty daunting. ‘You approach the start line feeling super confident and ready to have fun.’ Seems like a winner to us.

Strongher Beth Bryn Hodge LRW Peloton
Photo by Dave Hayward

Engage with your local racing community
The general vibe from the day was anyone contemplating joining the women’s racing scene to just do it! Engage with your local racing community either through your club or cycling group, find the conversations on Twitter or Facebook, and sign up to a race training session for a great springboard into the racing community. A community once embraced will give you the greatest competitive, adrenaline filled hugs any sport has to offer.

Women’s cycling and the racing scene in the UK is rising
An opinion echoed by many in the industry, there’s something of a revolution happening, a gutsy energy fully ready to take on the season ahead. London Women’s Racing (LWR) is a collective of like-minded individuals who are all focused on one thing—working with a range of groups and organizations to improve women’s racing at a grassroots level.

Strongher ambassador Beth Hodge and the rest of the LWR team would love to hear from anyone who is either involved in developing the sport at a grassroots level, or from the riders themselves. Get involved!

LWR on Twitter
LWR on Instagram
Contact LWR

Keep riding! Be #Strongher

Story by Hannah Troop

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