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Hot tips for cycling in the sun

21 Jun 2017 By: Nicola Rutzou 0 comments
Hot tips for cycling in the sun

When you live in a country like Australia it is pretty difficult to avoid sun exposure while you’re riding your road bike, so here’s some tips for cycling in the sun.

Ride early and late

I do most of my riding early in the morning. There are a number of reasons for riding early but one of them is definitely sun exposure and heat. You’ll also avoid traffic if you ride early in the day. But if you can’t ride early in the morning then try a twilight ride to avoid sun exposure.

Wear sunscreen

I personally only worry about sunscreen if I’m going to riding after about 10 am. If I’m going to be off the road by 10ish then I don’t apply sunscreen. If I know I’m going to be out after this time then I apply 30 plus sports sunscreen before I even put my jersey on. I find it much easier to apply if you don’t have to worry about slopping sunscreen on your expensive cycling kit. If I’m going to be riding all day then I reapply it at least one more time. And don’t forget your face, particularly your nose and of course your ears which are not covered by your helmet. If you have short hair like me then you also need to make sure you slather the back of your neck.

Stay hydrated

When the temperature is higher, you will need to consume more water to stay hydrated, so carry an extra water bottle, or plan a few stops along your ride route to refill you bottle. Service stations usually have a tap you can use, or even public parks but check that the water is drinking water before filling up.

Be proud of your tan lines

If you do a significant number of kilometres on your road bike during summer then you will get tan lines on your legs and arms and I wear mine with pride. Even if you diligently apply sunscreen you’ll still have shorts lines on your thighs and white shoulders and hands.

Choose your jersey and knicks wisely

You can buy jerseys that actually have an SPF rating so keep a lookout when you’re shopping. I’ve never been sunburnt through a jersey but I’m sure it’s possible. If you’re particularly susceptible to sunburn you can also buy sun protectors for you arms which are like arm warmers but are made of lighter fabrics and are usually white.

Wear good quality sunglasses

There are plenty of cycling-specific sunglasses on the market so make sure you get a good quality pair. They not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also from drying out your eyes, and from insects and other airborne debris. I wear photochromatic glasses that go lighter and darker depending on the amount of light.

About Nicola Rutzou

Nicola started cycling in 2008 to take part in a charity bike riding event. She loves cycling and it has changed her life. She wants to encourage other women to become obsessed as she is. To inspire other women she writes a cycling blog called Women Who Cycle. Next to that he works in the cycling industry in her home town of Sydney, Australia..

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