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It’s a challenge! #RideFurther Be #Strongher

29 Jul 2016 By: Lian van Leeuwen 0 comments
It’s a challenge! #RideFurther Be #Strongher

In the year and a half I’ve been road cycling, challenges have come and gone. It started off with the basics: Can I even ride a road bike? Will riding with cleats make me drop over at the first traffic light? Do I dare to join my cycling friends on a social ride? Later on, most of them were slightly more challenging: Can I actually keep up the with the fast boys on their weekly training spin? Can I beat my last best time and earn the QOM? Do I ride sub zero's? Do I take up the challenge to climb the Mont Ventoux, ride my first 200 km, join the tough crowd of Dalslandrunt?

So far, I haven't used a heart rate monitor, not even followed any sort of training schedule. I ride for al lot of reasons that aren't even about getting in shape (I wrote a blog about that here). But that's the thing with something you love: you want to be doing more and more of it, which usually means pushing your limits the slightest bit forward every time. So yes. Although on a basic level, I too have been looking into training gadgets, better nutrition and healthier ways to recover. Usually though, the challenges still aren't particularly about physical fitness or strength. Not even about competing with others; the challenges I seek are about challenging myself. And it’s the mental aspect that I find most intriguing. Can I really pull this off? Can I beat the little voice in the back of my head telling me it's too much? Too daunting? Too far?

Which is probably why the challenges of long distance and adventure cycling appeal to me the most. Beginning of this year, I decided I would attempt my first 300 km ride this season. I have no intention of making it more than it is; I have friends who have done double or even triple that distance several times. But it wasn't too long ago a 100 km ride seemed like a pretty big deal. And for some it still is. So whatever your distance is: challenges are about pushing no one else's limits but your own. And right now, 300 km is mine. What I would love is if this challenge would push your limits as well. That's why I decided to make this a challenge everyone can join. On their own level, in their own area. Here's to pushing it a bit more!:

#RideFurther Be #Strongher
It's pretty simple: I will plan my 300 km ride in the weekend of August 20/21 and would like to ask everyone who's up for Riding Further to join me. Choose a distance over 150 / 200 / 300 km (or anything above or in between), ride it, and tag your ride #RideFurther Be #Strongher. With whom you ride (guys or girls), where you ride, and how far you want to push your limits is up to you! Interested? Check all details here.

DETAILS #RideFurther Be #Strongher 

Challenge: Ride at least 150 km - 300 km (or more!) on one day in the weekend of August 20/21. Choose a distance, ride it, and tag your ride #RideFurther Be #Strongher. With whom you ride (guys or girls), where you ride and how far you want to push your limits is up to you!
Date: August 20 or August 21, 2016
Location: Anywhere!
Distance: 150 / 200 / 300 km (or anything above/in between - but with a minimum of 150 km: it's called #RideFurther for a reason ;-)
Prep: For anyone who has questions on what to bring, what to eat or how to prepare: I definitely don't have all the answers but I most likely will know someone who does! So bring it on:

About Lian van Leeuwen

Lian van Leeuwen is a Project Manager and Communication Strategist and she loves photography. But more importantly mother of a six-year old son. All she wants is to raise her son to be a happy, healthy and independent young man. Because she's always busy, being a parent and a busy freelancer, she needed an outlet that she could take up any moment. So she started cycling. At first it were short trips on her cranky old MTB. A friend convinced her to try out a road bike, so she did and after that she was hooked. 

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