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Homemade Hangover Remedy

04 Oct 2015 By: Ally Statcher 0 comments

Hello readers! Here’s a great glass of juice I encourage you all to make. It’s a little off the wall and not the most traditional, but that’s whats so good about it.
The first tasty bit of health that I put in the juicer is watercress. It’s an herb that can do wonders for your body. You can grow it easily or find it long the banks of streams. Maybe that's too hippie for most of you readers out there, so the next best thing is heading over to the grocery store’s produce aisle. But if you do find it along a stream or if you grow it, you want to pick and juice it before it flowers. Once it has small white flowers, the watercress becomes bitter and it’s no longer good to eat. One of the coolest attributes to watercress is it’s a great remedy for hangovers. Come on lets face it, sometimes we have a drink too many. With only a few drinks, most cyclists are doomed for a hangover. When we wake up, we usually have anywhere from a slight to massive headache. A hangover happens when the liver gets overloaded with toxic alcohol. Watercress juice is concentrated with so much cleansing goodness that it activates the detoxifying enzymes in the liver for detoxifying a hangover. It is easy to throw some watercress into the mix and you'll start to feel better. Another cool tip, watercress has more calcium than milk. We cyclists need all the calcium we can get for strong bones. This is especially important when we inevitably hit the deck that we stay in one piece.

The next thing in this cup of juice is a sweet potato. I know when you think of a sweet potato the last thing you think about is juice. But if you try it, I bet you will like it. The darker the color, the richer they are in carotenes. With the large amounts of potassium, endurance athletes will see a decrease in muscular cramps, which I know we all dread. A deficiency in potassium can cause greater the susceptibility of injury amongst other things. Sweet potatoes are high manganese as well. Make them a regular part of your diet and they will help strengthen your immune system and develop resistance to infection. I have noticed cyclists can get sick a lot and spread it like the plague. I'm not sure about you, but I can't afford to get sick. I have to many tasks at hand and missing a few days is not good. So yep, I juice sweet potatoes.

The last tasty thing I will be throwing into the juicer are carrots. They are a tasty extra and will make this healthy drink taste good, so you wont have to plug your nose to drink it. As I have stated in a past juicing article, carrots are jam packed with many nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin A & C and much more. They also have a high amount of anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals as well as helping lower the risk of an eye disease called macular degeneration. Yep, just like they always say, carrots are good for your eyes.
Well that is the recipe I will be sharing with you lovely people for this month. I really hope you give it a try. Juicing is a healthy habit that can give you that extra edge. I feel its essential. I know when I go a few days without juicing I feel it. Or maybe I'm just a little crazy. I think a mix of both. I hope you readers have picked something up from this unique juice recipe. I mean who doesn’t need an extra hangover remedy? Great season everyone and best of luck!

About Ally Statcher

Cyclist and blogger about all of her favourite food recipes. Whether it’s juicing, smoothies, baking, bbq or other great masterpieces in the kitchen. In 2009 she knew she wanted to be a professional when she joined the US National Team. Cycling not only gives her an amazing journey, it also has inspired her to start a own health bar business. She wants to inspire men and women of all ages to live a healthy life and she want young girls to dream big. ‘’The sky's the limit’’. Of course this doesn't mean she can’t enjoy her guilty pleasure at all (she has a soft spot for desserts).

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