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Joanna Dobinson

01 Aug 1980
Joanna Dobinson

You will hear "Woop Woop" even before you see Joanna Dobinson on the trails. That sound is the trade mark of this enthusiastic mountain biker who is arguably one of the best skills coaches in the world. She had an early carreer in Mountain Bike racing and now dedicates her time to teaching bike handling techniques to women (and men). She might be teaching a newbie how to take her first gravel corners or the world champion how to tackle big jumps. And she does it with the same passion every time.

Jo is from Stellenbosch, South Africa, and her favorite thing in the world is to ride in the rain - which is a rare thing in her side of the planet. She loves getting women around all things cycling and if there's a good coffee involved, even better. Her moto is #fearoutfunin


Photo: Patrick Aubertdelaruee/Outdoormind