Connecting Cycling Women Worldwide

About Strongher

Background Strongher

Women’s cycling is getting more and more popular and as the sport is growing more initiatives are being developed. From Cyclocross to BMX from grassroots to professional levels initiatives are springing up at all levels. With support from Marianne Vos and the other professional cyclists, increased media awareness and a growing public support, the time is right for women’s cycling to take the stage and close the gap to the men. It’s about giving amateur women the confidence they need to start racing, developing events and other grassroots initiatives, inspiring women to take up cycling for the first time and giving everyone the belief they can achieve and giving them a stage to show themselves!

Idea Strongher

What started as an initiative driven by Marianne Vos and her management Zeloo BV has rapidly grown to a group of 300 strong ambassadors (including all types of cyclists from grassroots to pros). Strongher is led by professional cyclists and supported by a diverse and experienced network of ambassadors who want to connect the professional and grassroots worlds, letting them learn from and inspire each other. The idea is to unify all the various global women’s cycling initiatives under a shared and common goal and create a community that gives women the stage to make a difference! Strongher is this stage. It is one of the most unique and important initiatives in the history of the sport. A shared goal to give women on the bike a place to show themselves!


We love cycling. We love the natural high it brings us. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel confident. It makes us feel #Strongher. We want every woman to share and enjoy these feelings with us. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a pro, we dream of giving you a stage to show yourself. Let's create that stage together! Join our dream and live out your own!


Professional cyclists
Grassroots cyclists
Lifestyle women (women who like sports and already into running of spinning)


The biggest aim of Strongher is to give women a stage to show themselves and to develop the sport further. By connecting the grassroots initiatives with the professional levels Stongher reinforces the synergy between the two. They are both reliant on each other to succeed. A successful professional women’s cycling world needs a thriving and vibrant grassroots scheme! We want to increase the exposure of all the professional athletes and reveal the people and characters of the sport. Part of the success will be reliant on making it more commercially attractive and bringing on board sponsors, companies, coverage and fans!


Strongher will be the stage for all different initiatives and people. It will be the umbrella movement for women’s cycling. Where every stakeholder can participate and make a difference!

With Strongher we will connect:

  • Professional cyclists and teams
  • Organisations
  • Communities
  • Federations

A key to the success of Strongher will be the support and generosity of people across the world. It will be based on the strength of its community and its ability to connect and make a difference. It is therefore essential that it is cool, engaging and vibrant and attractive to women globally. The community needs the power to grow!


Strongher will have both an online and offline presence. However, its core hub will be focussed online and supported by a dedicated app.

Platform Strongher
An interactive platform that connects women all over the world from grassroots to professionals and shows how women cycle and what they cycle.

WHO: Cyclists from professionals to grassroots levels, federations, communities, shops, and clubs will all have a profile and blog
WHAT: Events (races, sportives etc) and rides that women can participate in all around the world
HOW: Blogs, videos, beginner courses that will show how women are cycling.

APP Strongher
With the app we want to connect women around the world. The app works as follows. You can create a ride, invite friends and chat with eachother or you can just simply join a ride near you.

Alongside creating our own events Strongher will work together with existing events to improve the accessibility for women from all levels of cycling! This support can vary from beginners courses, development courses to mini tours and group rides. Examples include #ontheroad evening, #Weownyellow programma, #RoadtripParis. Strongher would also seek cooperation with organisations like L’Etape de Tour and proposals to create races like an Amstel Gold Race for professional cyclists

The ambassadors of Strongher, inspiring women across the world will be called Sheroes. From pro’s to lifestyle women. Every woman, connected to Strongher is a Shero. If you want to join us and help us to give women a stage, please send an email to