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Vera Koedooder

31 Oct 1984
Vera Koedooder

Anyone who has ever seen Vera racing will agree: She’s a true SHERO. Bravery and courage are adjectives that accompanied her throughout her professional cycling career and continue to guide the way she lives life.

Vera says herself that she always raced with her heart rather than with her head (which might have cost her some victories, she says) but that’s just who she is. The aggressive and inspiring racing style came out best in windy and tough circumstances and short stage races. Off the bike she’s known for her openness, enthusiasm and - surprise, surprise - being a fantastic piano player.

As a recently retired cyclist, she’s now starting Koerage, her own company that will hopefully support the growth of women’s cycling through fun rides and events, combined with piano concerts and barista courses, both passions that Vera holds next to riding her bike.