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The Ride Dolomites II

30 Mar 2018 By: Maan Klomp 0 comments
The Ride Dolomites II

It has been more than a month since my last post about my preparations for the new season, and especially for The Ride Dolomites! So time for an update.

Normally at this time of the year we would be riding between the daffodils and snowdrops with some lovely sunshine, small breeze and thinking whether we should wear just a jersey or a maybe a light jacket.

Well, not this spring.

It has been so cold for so long now and not only that, but the roads have been icy and slippery for weeks on end.

I do not mind the cold so much, but after my crash a few weeks ago on an icy lane, I am a bit of a scary dog.

One small advantage of this extreme cold is that the lakes and canals were frozen around Amsterdam. So we did a few nice tours on speedskates on natural ice.

When I look at my Strava account, I notice that I am doing over 200km a week again, so that is not too bad. But still doing only endurance rides and not eager to go either for extreme long, or fast rides outside. No worries this eagerness will return once we start our evening trainings with Vrouwenwielrennen Amsterdam again this week.

And guess what, I finally joined the Zwift community. Together with a few girls from our traininggroup we joined a training at Gymify in Amsterdam. This was so much fun! Completely different from training on a spinningbike or stationary trainer. Zwift to me is gaming whilst training. So if you are having problems getting motivated to ride fast again, go and join Zwift. I am sure you will be competing with fellow riders before you know it.

Winning jerseys, setting PR’s, chatting to others, motivating eachother – it’s all there. I should have started this earlier this winter, had no idea that it would be so much fun.

So girls I hope you are looking forward to these nice spring days as much as I am. When the sun is out, we are out! Making lots of kilometres and challenging eachother. See you all out there!

In my next blog I will tell you all about my roundtrip Mallorca. Travelling light and carrying our own luggage on the bike. It’s gonne be hard, but I am sure we will have a blast.

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