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Halloween ride in Switzerland

07 Nov 2017 By: Guest Blogger 0 comments
Halloween ride in Switzerland

I’m Dutch. That is the main explanation why I ride a bike. Moving from the Netherlands to Switzerland 6 years ago was in many senses a great upgrade for me.
The freedom to go out in the mountains whenever I wish is my main key to happiness.

There is however a slight downside to living in Switzerland as a cyclist. Cycling isn’t seen so much as a social activity as it is seen as a sport. And a sport people tend to do alone. That mentality is very different from the social group rides we have in the Netherlands, but it’s slowly changing. And to help speed this change, I decided to do my part.

I have been thinking about trying to get more women to ride their bikes here and see if some of them can gain confidence to ride in groups and maybe some events.

Well luckily, that is one of the reasons why Strongher exists!
So when I got an email asking me to organise a ride I decided to give it a go.
(That is not entirely true, it was only after lots of encouragement from my Dutch cycling buddies who I actually met in a ride-along years ago!)

Last Saturday I ended up on a Halloween ride with 6 lovely ladies. Most of them quite experienced cyclists who ride at least a few thousand kilometres per year. Quite an international group with 3 Americans, 2 Dutchies, 1 German and 1 Polish woman. I have some work to do to get Swiss (I like challenges) and less confident riders in the network, but what a great start!

The great thing about the place where I live is that you can do everything from a flat ride to as many meters up as you’d like. Zug, in central Switzerland is a town by a lake with the same name. And as most places in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains. In the summer months, it’s lovely to watch the sun set over the lake while you are having a picnic or a drink in one of the nice cafes. Many internationals live in the Zug area, brought here by jobs offered by multinational companies, who, in their turn, are attracted to Zug by the low tax system of the region.

But let’s talk about riding, not taxes: Considering the level of the group, we added a bit of hills to the original route (too late in the year for big mountain passes, though), stopped at a brilliant coffee shop that one of the girls knew and had a great time!  I loved how easy going everybody was and how natural it felt to ride in this group even though we had just met!

For me personally, this was definitely encouraging to organise another ride, couldn’t have had a better start, so thanks girls!


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