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15 Jun 2017 By: Anne van Leeuwen 0 comments

Day 3 Thusis (Swiss) - Sempach (Swiss), 203km / 2450 height meters.

This day was called 'the small giants', but to be honest these giants were not the heaviest part of the day..That was the distance of 203 km. Cycling from one giant to the other gave us the feeling that we cycled through a painting, wonderful!

Day 4 Sempach (Swiss) - Mulhouse (France), 165km / 2450 height meters.

It is not a problem if you want to do this cycle trip on your own, because during these long days on the bike you'll always meet riders with the same pace! We met Robert-Jan from team 'De Bruidshoek', our hero. We saved lots of energy, because we took his wheel for many many km's (on the flat!). Beautiful day again with a change in surroundings; from the high mountains of Swiss, via the German Schwarzwald to the French Vogezen.

You maybe won't expect it, but there's more beside cycling during this trip! A great atmosphere, we all have the same goals and everbody is helping each other to reach these goals. When you have a flat tire, your group will wait for you and help. If you need more professional help, the guys from 'De Mechanieker' are there. In a heavy climb you get a lot of support from other riders, they give just that extra energy that you needed to push yourself to the top.

Day 5 starts today...we are halfway :-)

Brenda and Anne
TeamStrongher - The Ride 2017 The Ride 2017 - Etappe 3 - Kleine Reuzen from CuttoblackNL on Vimeo. The Ride 2017 - Etappe 4 - Drielandentoer from CuttoblackNL on Vimeo.


About Anne van Leeuwen

Started cycling 5 years ago and straight away addicted to the relaxing feeling that cycling gives her. Anne (aka Docter An) puts in many miles every year. She loves to go for long rides with friends. Upcoming year her biggest challenge will be the Ride. Riding from the Stelvio to the Cauberg in 8 days, 1300km and 17000 elevation meters.

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