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'If it doesn't kill you it only makes you Strongher!'

13 Jun 2017 By: Anne van Leeuwen 0 comments
'If it doesn't kill you it only makes you Strongher!'

Day 1 Prato (Italy) -St Moritz (Swiss)

Yesterday, the first day of our challenge! After an early start of the day we left the campsite at 7 o'clock sharp. No escape, no excuses, the start was directly towards the Stelvio. With the whole group of 250 bikers we took over the road to the top. It was an amazing climb and pretty tough..23,9km, 1850m height meters. After that there followed 105km and 1950m height meters. The route was fantastic, but it was a very tough first day!

Day 2 St Moritz (Swiss) - Thusis (Swiss)

Beautiful ride through Switzerland and a piece of Italy again! The challenges were the Splugenpass and for the die-hards the Glasspass. The beautiful scenery let us forget the pain and the heath..

So far our experience with The Ride is wonderful! Everything is well-organized, from the food till the daily video. From the motor guidance till the physiotherapists. From the mechanics till the ambulance support.

These two days didn't kill us, made us Strongher :-)

Brenda and Anne
TeamStrongher - The Ride 2017


View The Ride 2017 - Stage Videos The Ride 2017 - Etappe 1 - Cima Coppi from CuttoblackNL on Vimeo. The Ride 2017 - Etappe 2 - Zwitserse Alpen from CuttoblackNL on Vimeo.

About Anne van Leeuwen

Started cycling 5 years ago and straight away addicted to the relaxing feeling that cycling gives her. Anne (aka Docter An) puts in many miles every year. She loves to go for long rides with friends. Upcoming year her biggest challenge will be the Ride. Riding from the Stelvio to the Cauberg in 8 days, 1300km and 17000 elevation meters.

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